We need to preserve the local integrity of the ‘Aina!  Vote Megeso for Mayor!

As “The People’s Mayor”, Megeso-William Denis believes it is his kuleana (responsibility) to put the people of KAUAI FIRST. Megeso is putting forth a new vision for the county, and all individuals who lawfully reside here, a government of the people, not under globalist control. At the core of this vision, is preserving the integrity and protection of the ‘aina that reflects the image of Aloha, being pono, and living in paradise. Megeso will accomplish this by increasing transparency between the mayor’s office, its executive departments, Kauai County Council, shareholders, stakeholders, and the people, by fostering trust and developing collaborative partnerships among them. By all departments working together in synchronicity, we will ensure the needs of ‘aina and the people of Kauai County come first. As we remove toxins from the air, water, land, and our minds.

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Don’t forget to vote august 13 2o22!

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