celebrity endorsements

We are pleased to announce Captain Seth Keshel has endorsed Megeso for mayor

Megeso is an incredible man that has risen to the top throughout his life, both in sports and in business. His background and critical thinking skills separate him from the rest. He is a true leader that has exemplified his skills while focusing on compassion and empathy for all of us on Kauai. He is not a puppet, has no strings, and can’t be bought out for any price unlike others in our county. I truly trust him, which is hard to say nowadays. Most politicians stand before you and promise all the things that they will do for you if elected, Megaso has already been selflessly fighting for all of us for the past two years. So I already know who he is and what he is willing to do for every one of us on Kauai. He looks at a problem as an opportunity to find a solution and isn’t afraid to look outside the box for the best results. He has seen the government overstepping its authority, at the cost of all of our God-given rights and will not let that happen again. We have all seen how the people that make the rules are exempt from following them and stand against executive privilege. He truly understands that the government works for the people. I hope if nothing else this will inspire you to look into the man, Megeso. I’m very proud to call him my friend. 

Timothy Stokesbary.

    Kauai Fire Capt. Retired.