Our Platform

ICLEI, Food Sovereignty, Oaths, Small Business, County Operations, Auditor
  • Terminate the 2012 contract, or agreement, with the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives(ICLEI) that placed the county under global governance.
  • Return the decision-making process back to the people, mayor, and local county administrators to benefit the lives of the people of Kauai County
  • Reject global governance by the United Nations, The World Health Organization + World Economic Forums regarding one-world global governance, depopulation, and more under control of UN Agenda 21 and 30 programs that do not benefit Kauai County.
  • Create Cultural Private Associations, with the Kanaka/Kupuna Councils, accelerating their pathway to self-determination and restoration, and not the Tribal Communities (Indian Reservations) under ICLEI and the UN.
  • Expansion of Local Food, Natural Resource, Medical, Shelter, and Educational self-sustainability and Sovereignty by the people of Kauai County.
  • Uphold the Oath of Office under Title 5 Section 3331 of US Code, and Hawaii State Constitution Oath
  • Hire a Full-time County of Kauai Auditor
  • Stop the airport expansion, corporate sprawl, and the one million more tourist plan
  • Streamline County Operations without sacrificing quality service to the people
  • Work with the planning board to accelerate the everyday person building and repair permits.
  • Deregulation, tax cuts, tax relief, or tax incentives, to lessen the financial burdens on the people and small businesses
  • Work with local small businesses to restore them back to prominence, as they are essential for the growth of our economy.
Local Sustainability, Self-Sufficiency, Tax Incentives, Learning Centers, GMO, Industrial Hemp
  • Create incentives that encourage local organic food production or expansion
  • Encourage the development of rooftop organic gardens on hotels or other high-rise type apartments, or structures, in and around the cities.
  • Agricultural Learning Center for sharing the knowledge of seed to-store processing
  • Protection of our natural eco-systems, and ahupua`a systems.
  • Implement various methods and programs for farming or crop rotation to keep supplies above critical mass
  • Tax incentives/credits to expand local sustainable food production under local control
  • Create or restore toxic-free fishponds, were viable, as a sustainable local food source
  • Renegotiate leases with GMO companies and corporations
  • Convert GMO lands and buildings to healthy organic food production
  • Home Gardening Incentives
  • Expand organic sustainable farming island wide
  • Expand Plant Medicine Operations – Heal the `Aina
  • Industrial Hemp Farms – Heal the `Aina
  • Export excess foods, goods, and services
  • Model for local food, medicine, and shelter sustainability
Self-Healing Centers, Fentanyl, Non-FDA Experimental Drug Therapies, Toxins, ‘Aina, Plant Medicines, Freedom of Choice
  • Self-Healing Centers to resolve our Mental Illness, and Drug Addiction problems
  • Stop the flow of Fentanyl to our island.
  • Stop the use of non-FDA-approved experimental drug therapies on the people
  • Develop and implement programs and services to remove the toxins from our air, land, and water
  • Take back control of our natural medicines and ‘aina from major corporations and global governance
  • Freedom of Choice, Right to Try Health Options, and Informed Consent
  • Protect the Natural, Inherent, and Unalienable God-given Rights of all people of our county
  • Enforce Title 15 Section 9a, of the U.S. Code regarding weather modification and spraying
  • Utilize our local plant medicines, medical service personnel, and healthcare providers that honor their Hippocratic Oath that put their patients first
  • Promote alternative, natural medicine and authorized licensed Naturopathic Doctors and Services
Airport, Bike Paths, Cultural Centers, Beautification Project, County Facilities, 5G, Bridges, Evacuation Routes, Prison System, Eco + Ahupua’a, Landfill + Cesspool Issues

Stop the expansion of Lihue Airport

  • Create and maintain additional walking and bike paths around the island
  • Allot land for Cultural Centers, at strategic locations, controlled by Kanaka/Kupuna Council
  • Plant more gardens, flowering and Fruit-bearing trees, and shrubbery around the island
  • Remove invasive species that do not benefit the Island in any manner
  • Remove all condemned structures and toxic graffiti from public buildings and roadways
  • Restore all county-run bathrooms to pristine condition and prosecute to the fullest extent of the laws those who vandalize, deface, or destroy it in any manner.
  • Relocate all cell and 5g towers away from schools and residential areas
  • Repair all bridges and evaluate alternative routes in the event of structural failure or repair
  • Study the evacuation routes for viability and safety
  • Evaluate all dams and reservoirs for structural damage and toxic-free water
  • Evaluate the prison system and rehab programs
  • Stop all projects that negatively impact our eco-system and ahupua`a systems
  • Cogeneration, and other current use methods to convert trash to energy
  • Cesspool conversion alternatives, tax breaks and incentives to lessen the cost to homeowners
  • Audit all water treatment systems and facilities

    “infrastructure: The framework of interdependent networks and systems comprising identifiable industries, institutions (including people and procedures), and distribution capabilities that provide a reliable flow of products and services essential to the defense and economic security of a smooth functioning government at all levels, and society as a whole.”

    Mandates, Small Business, Tourism, Tax Cuts, Incentives, Jobs, Diversify, Airport, Deregulation, Tax Relief
    • End all unlawful and unconstitutional proclamations, mandates, and edicts
    • Restore small businesses to prominence
    • Reduce Non-Plan Expenditure interest payments
    • Work with County Council and department heads on Tax relief, Tax Incentives, Tax Cuts, and deregulation
    • Reduce the tourism budget and shift those monies to housing and Cultural Tourism Centers.
    • Restore and preserve integrity and confidence in leadership to overcome a large number of business closures.
    • Small Business Development – Tax Cuts, Tax Incentives,
    • Build Industrial Hemp, Bamboo, and Coconut Factories
    • Jobs Program, Internships
    • Deregulation programs
    • Buy and sell local – Kamaaina incentives
    • Stop the airport expansion, corporate sprawl, and the one million more tourist plan
    Learning Centers, GED, School Choice, Island Protocols

    As Mayor, along with our County Council and administrators, will work with private, public, and home school programs that teach sustainable self-sufficient life skills as the foundation for learning.

      • Create educational pamphlets for tourists, airlines, and hotel operations, regarding island protocols
      • Vocational Learning Centers for individuals to live, learn, develop, and hone their skills in their passions for life, preserve their liberty, have property, and be happy in pursuit of their dreams.
      • Public money follows the child when selecting institutions of learning whether they are public, home school, charter, private, vocational, or other.
      • Alternative Energy Center to gain knowledge and experience regarding the installation and maintenance of various energy alternatives.
      • Maintenance centers where students are taught methods, practices, and procedures for proper installation, maintenance, and repair of the equipment and vessels used in everyday life.
      • Support public and private institutions that teach structural design, earth sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Navigation, Geology, Oceanography, Paleontology, Meteorology, Botany, Zoology, Mathematics, Sacred Geometry, and more, from grade to middle to high school that will serve the individual, community, and county.
      • General Education Degrees, evaluated and tested by Masters in that field, for those in a specific trade or skill in their field of knowledge, self-taught, thru internships, or other methods
    Brochures, Budget, Cultural Tourism
    • Create Airline and Hotel Brochures, for those travelling to, and /or staying in our County, regarding Island Protocols and Local Norms to maintain the beauty of the Garden Island as Paradise.
      • Decrease the tourist budget, as the island markets itself, and shift those monies to affordable housing programs.
      • Support, promote, or create Cultural Tourism and Island Partnerships with Private Association Cultural Centers operated and managed by the Kupuna Council.
      • Create Kanaka/Kupuna Cultural Tourism Centers paving the way to self-determination and restoration that can generate revenue for the development of local sustainability cultural programs or for everyday living in support of locally managed County food sovereignty.
      • Create a win-win education and work vacations for tourists, students, and others can learn from the County, Kanaka, Kupuna and the people of the island, as we work together for the greater good of all people residing in, or visiting, the Island of Kauai
      • Working tourism to learn cultural and local methods of organic sustainable life by sharing the knowledge, history, methods and traditions of growing healthy sustainable foods, and their preparation from seed to store, the art of canoe building and more.
      • Use local transportation for tourist field trips to sacred sites, and attractions to alleviate traffic congestion
      • Cultural tourism for tourists to feel a sense of being in synergistic integrity with the `aina.
      • Creating Cultural Learning Centers privately run by their Kupuna/Kanaka Council on each part of the island, for the purpose of education, boost the local economy, create a financial resource and a revenue stream that will feed the local economy.
    Housing + Law Enforcement

    As Mayor, my administration and I honor the island’s sustainable sovereignty and the individual sovereignty of all people in the County of Kauai. My administration and I are elected to be the servants of the people, and I am here to put the people of Kauai First.


    As Mayor of Kauai County, I will create multiple types of housing projects that address the cross-section of housing needs of our people for affordable home ownership, rental options, and housing to fit every budget, with little or no government intervention, except for those with special needs.

      • Special needs housing for those who are houseless because of mental illness and/or drug addictions with onsite medical facilities.
      • Affordable Urban and Rural Housing Rentals for the day-to-day working-class families.
      • Work with financial institutions and grant programs for affordable home ownership and low-income housing
      • Put people of Kauai first, by stopping corporate sprawl that inflates prices.
      • Tax breaks, incentives, and tax cuts for existing and new homeowners.
      • Create mobile housing, jobs, and educational opportunities in those communities participating in our beautify Kauai project.
      • Create tiny homes, single-family, and duplex structures in our local farming communities that support our accelerated local sustainable food, medicine, and shelter sustainability programs that return decision-making back to the County and the people, and away from global governance.
      • Ease some of the regulatory restrictions that get passed on to homeowners by construction companies, and other industries without negatively impacting our eco or ahupua`a systems, endangered species, or burial sites.
      • Mobile job, education, and housing alternatives that support Kauai Beautification Project + Expanded Local Food Sovereignty Programs
      • Cesspool Conversion Credits + Incentives

    Law enforcement

    • White Collar Crime
    • Crimes Against Humanity that directly impact the Health, Safety, Welfare, + Civil Liberties
    • Oath of Office to Supreme Law of the Land, Common, + Natural Rights
    • Child Endangerment
    • Stop Human Trafficking
    • Stop Drug Trafficking
    • Stop Fentanyl flow to our island
    • Stop hate crimes
    • Psychological Terrorism
    • Unlawful toxic chemical use and dumping
    • Diverting water
    • Property damage