I have lived on Kauai for almost 30 years and have seen many changes. But the last 2 years have been the most devastating for many who live here. Many small businesses have been shut down for good. Families are forced to leave in order to survive. Many decisions made by the mayor were clearly harmful to the people of Kauai. That is why I am thrilled that Megeso (William Denis) decided to run for Mayor. I know him to be honest, courageous, intelligent, and compassionate. He is a leader who inspires others around him. I am so glad in these difficult times that we have someone running for mayor who is truly capable of making good heart-centered decisions that serve the people, instead of the corporations. I know he is capable of bringing back prosperity to Kauai. A prosperity for all of us, not just the wealthy.

– Rebecca miller

Ohana, If you want to see any change here on Kauai, an opportunity to transcend the lies and more lies, please support Megeso, running for “The People’s Mayor”. If you have not met him yet, I highly connect and listen to what he has to share. Megeso is an incredible being, who truly understands the level of corruption in all structures of our society, and has no fear to expose it. He has the tools, determination, integrity, and God’s blessing. With deep gratitude to Megeso for stepping up!


– lyra belacqua

Megeso would be an amazing Mayor and Kauai would be truly blessed to have Megeso represent the people + community!

– Lori gardner
Aloha, ‘Friends of Megeso for Mayor’ I am of the opinion that Megeso is “The Best” Candidate for Mayor of Kauai because he is an understanding Voice of the People and represents a Pono Kauai for Generations to come. Megeso is a career Administration and Operations Management Consultant in the area of international acquisitions and mergers. His vast career includes overseeing areas of Finance, Insurance, Retail, Wholesale, Government, Human Resources and Systems Management in Japan, Europe, US. During our 10 year Professional relationship here on Kauai, Megeso has proven to be a Servant of the People with impeccable Integrity. Confident in his Executive Function of knowledge and business savvy regarding all Law including Natural Law, International Law, Hawaiian Law, Universal Law, US Law, and Human Rights, Megeso is the “Go to Consultant” here on Kauai and Hawaii. It also is important to know, that Megeso is a man with Universal Respect and is NOT affiliated with the usual political club, and is NOT indebted to anyone, meaning, he is free to make decisions on behalf of a healthy Kauai infrastructure. Megeso for Mayor of Kauai 2022.

– janee taylor

Aloha Patriots, Whether you live in Kauai, Hawaii, or anywhere in the US, this is a platform of a true patriot. Megeso has dedicated his life to fighting for our God-given rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness according to the Declaration of Independence. Take the time to read his platform and get acquainted with governing as a servant of the people and vote for Megeso for Mayor of Kauai.

– Mark